Valentine (valentwine) wrote,

fall is here, ring the bell

Tonight was the first time in many months that I have gone out in multiple layers. In fact, an undershirt, a long sleeve button down western shirt, a sweater, and a denim jacket with scarf were necessary for my night hike. I hiked from my place to the top of Love Circle with a flask of 10 year Eagle Rare which I had drunk by the time I reached the summit of Love Circle. After spending an hour there contemplating my city and watching a stranger take the city's picture many times over from a carefully positioned tripod, I hiked back towards Belmont and met with up whoever happened to be at PM. I spoke with Emily for a while who I haven't seen in a month before walking with Caleb and Zach to Circle K where we all bought a 24 oz beer for the walk to Caleb's place. We ordered pizza and played modern video games I'd never heard of and am apparently terrible at before Zach and I left and walked home late at night talking about classical music and the playing of it in Nashville.

Tonight it's 40 deg and tomorrow the Belcourt is playing a Roman Polanski film: the Repulsion. Fall is here. And I'm more than ready for it.
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